Monday, September 16, 2013

Beauty Amongst Chaos

My life has become chaotic....not that it wasn't before, but now the only way I can feel slightly calm and normal is if my house is somewhat clean.  This may sound weird...and for those who know me well....they know I am not a very good housekeeper, but I want my home to be clean daily. Staring at a counter full of dirty dishes...splatters of milk, blueberries, tomato sauce...smears of avocado and jam on the table and floor all make me want to cry.  That is why each evening I try (and try to get my husband) to leave the kitchen (in the very least) sparkling clean. I want to wake up to a clean kitchen.....I wish I could wake up to everything clean, but no such luck.  With a toddler and a 5 week old, if I am lucky enough to put my underwear on facing the right way, I consider the day a success (I usually wear a thong, so you'd think this would be an easy task).

My 23 month old son Dutch has found the transition to having a new brother a bit difficult.  He burst into tears the moment we brought Maclayne home from the hospital, but quickly re-assessed and started offering hugs and kisses to his new baby brother.  I think this was an act to get us to believe he was okay with it, so I wouldn't notice each time he pokes, pinches or smacks the baby.  This is a daily occurrence....and when I raise my voice and say be gentle...Dutch quickly offers up hugs and kisses.  I turn my back and his finger is in Maclaynes eye...or mouth or heading up his nose. The other day I was attempting to prepare a meal...things were awfully quiet so I turned around to see Dutch sharing his cereal with Maclayne....he had a puff (as we call them) half way into the babes mouth with about 25 others scattered on the floor around him.....I just about shit myself.  I yelled, scared both kids, who immediately began crying and tried to explain to Dutch that the baby was too young to eat cereal, but Thank You for sharing just the same.  He just stared at me blankly...probably thinking...lady if you know whats good for you, back away and let me decide whats good for this kid.

I was chatting with a girlfriend about this the other day and how Dutch has taken the transition quite hard.  We decided it would be a similar situation if our husbands all of a sudden came home with another wife.  Walked in the door with some bizzle named Candy who happened to be way younger and cuter. Damn rights I would be jealous..and want to poke her in the eye too!

All in all, life with two boys is quite lovely.  You can't buy that feeling when your little guy wraps his chubby little arms around your neck and gives you a hug....or when your baby offers up a little smile (even though its probably gas).  I'll take the chaos in exchange for the beautiful moments I get with my family...they will pass by so quickly so today and everyday I will Enjoy!